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Infinity Pro exterior painter newton
When you go shopping, you will find a multitude oftypes of paint, each with different
purposes and qualities. Check out the options and their advantages:
– Lime paint
Lime paint is widely used due to its low cost and ease of application. Another
advantage of this paint is that the walls do not need to be in perfect condition to be
painted. Due to its thick texture, lime manages to disguise imperfections.
– Acrylic
Soluble in water and similar to latex paint, it is indicated for internal and external
painting due to its high impermeability. They have three different finishes.
Matte: has less resistance to cleaning, but hides small imperfections in the wall.
Semi-Gloss: More cleaning resistant finish than matte option. However, because of
the shine, it highlights larger imperfections.
Satin: this option offers a finer and more sophisticated final effect, with little shine
and great resistance to cleaning, but it also highlights imperfections present in the
– Rubberized
Indicated for external paintings, rubberized paints have a matte finish and are
capable of covering cracks and small fissures by means of an elastic film that follows
the movement of the walls.