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Where to buy wall paint
Now that you know some color options to bet on painting your home and how to choose and
combine them, you are ready to buy! And right now, the search is for the best price and for the
best brands, right?
At Telhanorte we have it all for you! Check out our Paints section and make your purchase
online and at the best prices. It is worth remembering that some colors mentioned above are
considered personalized.
That is, they are only sold in physical stores and take about 15 minutes to be ready. You just
need to choose the color of your dreams from the supplier’s color palette and our team will
prepare it right away!
Our sales team can give you that extra hand via Whatsapp in case of doubts when placing your
In the leroy Merlin store we have a well trained team, physical stores in several cities and the
Then just wait for your purchase to arrive and start giving color to your dream of the new