Italian food is not static.

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What we am aching is constantly evolving and changing. New things happen
Available. When I was a kid in Rome, coriander, lemon and yamwere were unknown and
inaccessible; Today, thanks to immigration and the global trade in agricultural products, you
will probably find all three in the vegetable stall around the corner. When I started paying
attention to my neighbours’ farm in Tuscany, they were extremely self-sufficient when it came
to food. They grew, created and cultivated probably 90% of what they consumed. Its food and
flavors were delicious and immutable, and the prepared Mita dishes formed the basis of my
understanding of Italian food.
And yet, as times changed and began to watch TV and buy food in the supermarket, variations
emerged. For a year we ate noodles with canned truffles and cream sauce. The next Easter,
my mother was surprised by the purples in the salad. “I saw it on TV,” Mita said. Is it inauthtic
to be inspired by new ingredients? Is it inauttic to take the Combination of Insalata Caprese
and manipulate the ingredients until they no longer look like mozzarella, tomato and basil, but
does the combination of flavors remain the same?