Synthetic Prime Paints for Home

Infinity Pro lexington houses painting
Synthetic Primer, with Phosphates and Zinc and Iron Oxide
Modified alkyd base coat, one-component, pigmented with phosphates and zinc and iron
oxides. Formulated to seal aging systems, upgrading from conventional to high-performance
systems. Reaches a final thickness of 80 micrometers in a single coat. Example: aged alkyd, for
epoxy. This product does not contain heavy metals. Recommended dry thickness 80μm.
Adhesion Promoter Synthetic Primer
Galvamar is recommended to promote adhesion in paintings in civil and industrial construction
or even in environments of medium chemical aggressiveness, both indoors and outdoors, on
conductors, channels, gutters, smooth and corrugated sheets, etc. Formulated to promote

adhesion to non-ferrous metallic substrates. As adhesion primer on galvanized steel or non-
ferrous metal surfaces such as: aluminum, copper, lead or non-metallic substrates. It can also

be applied to carbon steel, cast iron and stainless steel. Recommended dry thickness 30μm.
Alkyd base paint, pigmented with zinc chromate
Alkyd base coat, one component, pigmented with zinc chromate. It has good weatherability,
quick drying and easy application. Recommended dry thickness 30μm.