The colors of paints for homes

How much does it cost to paint a house interior
Colors for home in 2021 were inspired by the simple life and the game of natural materials, a
collection of the famous paint brand Dulux was launched!
It is a forecast of color trends for this year, which will probably last longer. 2020 was frozen
due to the pandemic – at the beginning of the year, there is a downward trend in the market
worldwide for now.
However we see that because of the good acceptance of Classic Blue, the shades of blue
continue, now with a greenish footprint!
This Australian brand showed a wonderful palette for this year and got the color of the year
-Ai Aqua was the color idealized as the desire color of 2021, a cheerful and vibrant shade of
turquoise that promises to last! To contrast and stir, Pantone chose red as a bet of the year.
What not to do when painting
Diy fake wallpaper!
How they came to the tones:
In this study, which focuses on understanding the consumer market trend in paints, there was
a need for colors of the elements that bring happiness, where it expresses the collective desire
to return to the origins, to follow a simple life with a warm home and emotional security.
Everything we need for home in 2021!