They are always a good starting point for you to make your discoveries.

To choose that gastronomic/starred restaurant, use forums
like ChowHound or follow the gourmets of your choice
(hello, Constance Escobar !). Eating out is a delight to break the
routine and discover new places, but we know that it is not always
possible. And of course, preparing a small dinner at home for friends
and family is also nice, but sometimes that desire to eat something
new or visit that restaurant that everyone is talking about beats! But
even with a short budget, it is possible to go out to eat in restaurants
in São Paulo . Several websites, loyalty clubs, apps and even books
can help you when you don’t want to disappear when the bill
comes. Check below a list with 6 tips to get good discounts at
restaurants in SP ! The two-for-one guide brings together 83 tours
for two, for the price of one. The proposal is that two people enjoy the
city – but only one pays. A large part of the book is made up of bars
and restaurants, in other words, a great opportunity to save money and
also discover places you didn’t even think of going to. American Pasta top italian restaurants in alpharetta