What criteria to apply when selecting the ideal place to take your love?

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Here are some sure tips for finding romantic restaurants that have your face – or rather,
the face of the couple.
Can you imagine romantic restaurants that have a huge lounge, full of people, with
conversations echoing off the walls and mixing with the sounds of the environment?
Or, who knows, imagine a mood of romance in that typical Sunday lunch spot, where the
whole city meets and you always run into a friend?
In these very turbulent scenarios, it is clear that it is difficult to isolate yourself from what
happens around you and get a moment of connection with your partner.
So, when looking for a romantic restaurant in your city, a good idea is to always choose
the less obvious or the one that is a little further away.
This is a concern for you to have moments of privacy and to be able to talk quietly about
whatever you want.
Also, avoid establishments that are located inside malls, galleries or close to busy areas.
Do this so you don’t have to share your attention with other acquaintances who may be