When it comes to decorating an Italian restaurant, it is essential that it evokes the aesthetics that translate the country.

Italian restaurant in downtown roswell ga
Rustic-chic is a great way to bring out the Italian style. This conveys value to
your business and has the potential to please customers. After all, the
customer experience has to be the best possible, and the more “at home” he
feels, the better. In the case of ambiance inspired by Italy, the idea is
to be able to transport, with the help of decorative elements,
customers to that country and provide them with great
memories. But be careful: it is necessary to avoid exaggeration, in
order not to make caricature what should be elegant. A harmonic
environment is essential! You can bet on:

• wooden furniture (we’ll talk more about them in a moment);
• photos of Italy’s most iconic landscapes and tourist attractions;
• images of products from your cuisine (breads, wines, olive oils
and tomatoes);
• boldly designed objects (napkin holders, pots, etc.).

Below, we separate other important elements. Look: Getting this right will make
a big difference in the final result of the decoration. The colors of the flag of Italy
(red, white and green) work well in the environment.