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Let’s be honest. We are more driven by mistrust than confidence when we
have two restaurants side by side and have to choose one of them. We use
a thousand ad hoc criteria and invariably when we sit at what we choose we
are more insecure than at the end of the meal. Even worse, even when we
like what we choose, we keep our eyes on the other and the promise of a
visit in the next opportunity. Everything happens because we are not
restaurant critics and because we don’t have time to systematize
italians restaurants atlanta
We give you a small map so that you don’t get lost in the difficult
jungle of restaurants, daily specials and strong dishes of each one. It is
important that you go by yourself, without complexes or fixed ideas and
always with the sense of discovery well lit in your soul. We all know that you
can eat well at home, but it’s so nice to go to a restaurant, be pampered, be
served good food and wine and let the experience decant by sharing the
good memories!